Xplicit Ltd is a Malaysia originated start up that is devoted to producing street wear regardless of their age group. Xplicit comes from the word, explicit, which defines simplicity, crystal clarity, and straightforward just like our goal, to help the world express themselves through our clothing. Street wear is defined as a type of casual clothing of a style worn especially by members of various urban youth subcultures. Street wear branches out into the elements of Hip Hop, modern haute couture fashion.

This ravishing clothing line was founded by 4 creative minded undergraduates. Their journey embarked with an assignment question. An innocent idea turned future one hit wonder. These second-year Diploma in Business and Information Technology university students have founded this company in the year 2017. Xplicit Ltd signifies the prime apparel in the heart of the multinational diverse commonwealth, Malaysia.

The aim of this company is to express our divine talent globally and relive street fashion just like its glory days.
Gone were the days that damsels were rescued by bright shining armed man, in the 21st century, the only apparel versatile enough for any social occasion, gender, size and any fashion sense. The emblem of the Xplicit nation is fitted with 4 quadrilaterals symbolising our 4 founders of Xplicit Ltd with an X to mark our bond. The “X” shows that it doesn't matter how different we may be apart from each other, in terms of religion, skin colour and even people coming from different walks of life, we will always be able to reunite in the name of enhancement and improvement to rejuvenate the true power of the self-proclaimed most intelligent beings to have walk this Earth.
OBJECTIVES The goal is simple, develop, deliver and dominate. When we made our debut in the market, we may have lacked experience, but not intelligence. The roots of success may be bitter, but the fruit is sweet. Develop: designing only the trendiest taste fit for not only millennials, but future leaders of the world. Deliver: distributing the highest level of quality of T's on time. Xplicit Ltd is the first company to release 24-hour delivery for its products, when compared with its competitors. Dominate: conquering the demand and the supply of apparels in the market. Our cut throat style of competing will ensure that its either you incorporate with us or get eliminated, and there's no shame by getting annihilated by the striving number one street apparels of all time, Xplicit Ltd.

SHIRT CHARACTERISTICS In Explicit Ltd, we would always pick quality over quantity because, comfort can never be compromised. Here’s what makes Xplicit Ltd conspicuous; 100% Cotton The apparels released by the Xplicit organization are made from 100% cotton. This is to emphasize on all-out comfort and guarantee our customers maximum satisfaction Luminosity in the shadows When the dusk paints the sky, the glariest source of light will be our logo on your chest. The emblem of the Xplicit nation has been carefully designed and painstakingly crafted to ensure that glary light not only helps you stand out in the dark, but, it will also spread light into your future. Our logo is also ironed on a waterproof sticker just to prove that no obstacle of any matter can wrinkle the Xplicit brand. Stretchable despite the condition and the pressure. Our clothing line has a sparkle of flexibility, in its texture. In spite of the intensity and the pressure applied on the shirt. Our shirts will never run out of its original size, assuring you, that, you deserve the best.