I Just Placed My Order. Can I Add Another Item To It?
- Unfortunately we can't add items to an existing order. Contact us and we will cancel your existing order so that you can place a new one with all the items
  you wish to purchase.

Do I need to be a registered member to make any form of purchases?
-Yes, you are required to register as a member prior to making your purchase.

I’m In Love With Something But It's Out Of Stock. What Can I Do?
-To stay up to date on back-in-stock items and other promotional offers we suggest:
  Follow us on Instagram
  Follow us on Facebook

How often will your new designs arrive?
-Our masterclass designers are always coming up with new ideas and designs to make sure we are always up to date with the current trends. Out of 10 designs
  made only the best 5 will make the cut for our customers.

Is it possible for an exchange of item?
-No. All items sold are non-exchangeable unless there had been an inconsistency in our products. If it's certain there has been an inconsistency,
  please contact us immediately and we will assist accordingly.

How can I join XPLICIT LTD?
-Website: By creating an account on our site.
  In-Store: Filling up a new member form and from there a membership card will be provided

How Can I Apply For A Job?
-We are constantly growing and looking for new talent to join the team. If you are interested to work at one of our store locations,
  please visit the store to submit your resume or you can email us your resume and we will take it from there.

How does your system work?
-Firstly you'll need to create an account, once you've completed creating an account you must browse through our amazing collection of products.
  After doing so, click on the product which catches your eye. Click on the button which says "Order Me" hence doing so, your order has been made and
  now it'll say take 2 days to process your order. As soon as you get the email saying that your order is ready to be collected, you may head on down to
  our branch and collect your beloved product.